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Exposing the born again doctrines

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Exposing the born again doctrines

Faith Alone Doctrine:

Like any other Protestant Churches, Born Again Christians also believed in the invented doctrine of the Reformers the so called Faith Alone doctrine. Born Again Christians is fond of quoting the Scripture out of its context especially the verses that emphasized the importance of faith. However Born Again Christians do not express the totality of the Biblical doctrine of salvation since they only select the verses they read and used in their Bible studies. The Born Again always make it a point in their Bible study and preaching that you don’t need to perform good works since God would look into your faith not on your good works. Protestants divorce faith from good works because part of doing good is obedience, since they do not want to obey the Vicar of Christ the pope hence they dismissed the importance of good works. This doctrine is not only contradictory to Scriptures but it is also heretical (cf. Js.2:24). The Catholic Church taught us that faith and good works is complementary to each other, we put our faith into action by doing good works. In James 2:26 it clearly denotes that faith cannot be separated from good works since faith without good works is dead. Even in the time of Christ there were people who believes in faith alone but Christ rebuked them for this erroneous belief. In Mt.7:21, Christ said “not every one who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven but he who does the will of my Father in heaven”, in this passage Christ rebukes those who have faith in him alone but does not do the will of the Father. But what is the will of the Father? In Eph.2:10 we are created for a life of good works since it is through good works that we can put our faith in action, as what St Paul said faith that works through love (cf. Gal.5:6). Although faith is necessary for salvation (cf. Heb.11:6), it must be united with good works. In Acts 16:30-31 it shows the unity of faith and good works. The jailer asked Paul what must I do to be saved? The phrase “must I do” denotes an action, something the jailer must perform in order to be saved. And Paul answered the jailer “believe on the Lord Jesus”, which connotes that he must have faith in Jesus Christ. Thus combining the thought in the jailer’s inquiry and Paul’s answer it tells us that the act of believing or having faith is not just a mental assent but a good works by itself. Hence it proves that faith and good works is inseparable from each other. A faith accompanied by good works is a living faith that is why in Paul’s epistle to the Romans 2:7, he told the Romans that eternal life is the reward for those who persevere in doing good works. This is proved by the example of a man named Zacchaeus wherein he put his faith into action by doing good works (cf. Lk.19:8-9).

The Danger of Faith Alone:

The belief in faith alone doctrine of Martin Luther is very dangerous, because it undermines the very fundamental way of cultivating values and putting our faith in practice that is through charity. If we have faith alone there exist no difference between the devil and us. Because even the devil believes in God (cf. Js.2:19), the fundamental difference between us and the devil is that we are capable of putting our faith into practice by being charitable. And being charitable is being a loving person but the devil is incapable of being charitable hence if we have faith alone and does not have love there is no difference between the devil and us. In the end of times God will judge us by how we put our faith in action. In Mt.25:32-46, the criteria of God’s judgment will be base on our good works not by faith alone. If we die having our faith alone and faces God for judgment (cf. Heb.9:27) on what basis would God judge us, if we have not done any good works in our life? Would such dead faith saved him? Certainly not!


Being a faithful Christian means that we must be obedient to God and to the people he mandated to tend His flock. In Luke 10:16, Christ told the seventy two people He mandated to go house to house that those who rejects them also rejects Christ and the Father. In Mt.28:18-20, before he ascended to heaven He mandated his apostles to make disciples to all nations thus those who rejected His disciples also rejects him. And the successors of Christ’s apostles are the bishops that we have now. Hence to reject the bishops and the pope is also rejecting Christ.


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November 30, 2012 at 12:28 am

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