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Why Are Protestants Converting to Catholicism?

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To name some Protestants out of thousands who converted to Catholicism:

Tony Blair Former British Prime Minister Converts to Catholic

Newt Gingrich’s a Southern Baptist, the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and former candidate for US President Converted to Catholicism

Another Fundamentalist Eben Emerson – Former Church of Christ Minister converted to Catholicism.

President of the Evangelical Theological Society Reverted to the Catholic Church


Testimony of a Former Evangelical Protestant Pastor Who Converted to Catholicism and is Now a Catholic Priest

Rev. Alex Jones a Pentecostal Pastor for 30 years joined the Catholic church together with his wife Donna and 62 members of their Detroit congregation.

Lutheran professor of philosophy prepares to enter Catholic Church

Allen Hunt, a major radio evangelist and the pastor of Mount Pisgah United Methodist, the world’s third largest Methodist church and the largest “megachurch” in the State of Georgia, has announced his conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Joshua Johnson Former United Methodist Minister now Catholic

The Journey Home – 2014-1-27 – Nancy McCall – Former Baptist

Paulette Adams – Former Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Gary Sinise is a convert to Catholicism, not only is he known for his work in Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and CSI, he does some major charity work too..!

Episcopal Church in Maryland to Convert to Catholicism –
“What really drew us was the apostolic authority, the oneness of the faith of the people,” Lewis said “That’s what we really wanted, and I don’t think you have that in Anglicanism.” Nearly 500 years ago, Britain’s King Henry VIII broke with Rome in a dispute involving his wish to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and marry his young mistress, Anne Boleyn.

Catholic Church to welcome 50 Anglican clergy – The Catholic Church will announce this week that 50 Anglican clergy are defecting to Rome

Three Church of England bishops traveled to Rome last week for talks with Vatican officials about joining the Catholic Church, according to two of the bishops involved.

Olympic figure skating star hailed as example for Catholics
Washington D.C., Feb 16, 2014 / 04:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Catholic Olympian and international skating superstar Kim Yuna is a role model not only of dedication and athleticism but also an example of how to live the faith publicly, a fan says

God Closed a Window and Opened a Door – Conversion Story of Kathryn E. Stuart
Reflecting on my life, I recognize God’s hand leading me through the times of joy and sorrow. I can now trace the turns in the road that led me to the best thing that happened to me in my life: coming home to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

A Bible-Believer Becomes Catholic by Believing the Bible – Conversion Story of Wesley Vincent Ph.D.
“Living with many mutually contradictory doctrines made understanding the faith similar to trying to complete a complex puzzle from a combination of different jigsaw puzzles stirred together.” Evangelical Wesley Vincent noticed that every pastor who preached the Bible seemed to have a different understanding of what it meant to be a follower of Christ.

A Church I Could Confidently Defend! – Conversion story of Cody Lynn
Cody Lynn was raised loving the Lord, reading Scripture, and participating in church. However, upon discovering the differences between the Protestant and Catholic Bibles, Cody launched into an investigation that would bring him home to the Catholic Church

In the Middle of a Triangle – Conversion Story of Najib Nasr
Najib lived most of his life in Lebanon as a pilot, growing up in a home split between Orthodox and Evangelical beliefs. After rediscovering the Bible and listening to American Protestant radio, Najib decided he needed to find the one, united Church that Christ established. The Early Church Fathers led him home to the Catholic Church.

From Cradle Mormon to Joyful Catholic: My Journey to the Eucharist – by JoAnne

Reflections of a Journey – Conversion Story of Clifford L. Rodgers, Ed.D.
My wife, Jeanette, and I were both raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and learned to hold strong negative feelings about the Catholic Church. My mother took great pride in being opposed to the Catholic Church; she did not know much about it, but she knew she was against it.

Our Journey Home – A Deeper Look at the Conversion Story of Marcus and Marilyn Grodi
Becoming Catholic was never my dream or intent. It is still an all too vivid memory to me, sitting alone at age 40 in a half-lit basement, having resigned from the pastorate. I ached for having abandoned the weekly privilege of a pulpit from which to proclaim God’s truth. Would I ever have this privilege again? Will I ever again have a pulpit? Now they estimate that each week from the “pulpit” of The Journey Home television program I speak to a potential audience of over a billion viewers and listeners. In one night I speak to more people than I ever could have in my entire career as a Protestant minister. This is the humor of our merciful God. Before I converted I had no idea whatsoever how I would support my family let alone how I would continue in ministry. But this is getting way ahead of myself.

Margaret Smith’s world was rocked when a Catholic chaplain brought her to the realization that Christ desired all of his followers to be united as one. Praying for God’s will in her life, she trusted God’s will with an open heart.

Re-Entering the Kingdom of God – Conversion Story of Paul Lambert

Conversion Story of Fr. Donald Flumerfelt
In my youth, my whole family was actively involved in many aspects of the United Church of Canada in Calgary, Alberta and in Montreal, Quebec. They were good and creative years. My call to ministry came while serving as a counselor for a church camp outside Montreal. One beautiful summer morning, the sun was dancing off the water and a gentle breeze was blowing.

The Words of Eternal Life – Conversion Story of Louise Winant
After leaving the Catholic Church and attending evangelical denominations, Louise Winant sought the truth of Christ and decided to reconcile with the church of her youth. Even after returning, there was one teaching of the Catholic Church — the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist — that Louise could not get over, until Jesus touched her heart.

More Than Enough – Conversion Story of Kathy McDonald
Our third son was 10 days old on “Reformation Sunday” 1998. The preacher that Sunday at the local Lutheran church we attended was a retired Lutheran school principal, a man in his 70s with a great shock of white hair. He ascended the pulpit and held up a book, a book he proclaimed “the work of the devil!” The book was by a Catholic author on justification. The preacher offered this book as evidence that “the Reformation must go on!” To me, he came across as so angry and fearful, so unreasonably opposed to the Catholic author, that I leaned over and whispered to my husband, Joe, and said “Sounds like a book we ought to read.”

Towards Unity – Conversion Story of Fr. Jurgen Liias
After 40 years as an Episcopal priest, Jurgen Liias became a Catholic in August 2012. In April 2013 he was ordained a Catholic priest through the Anglican Ordinariate. A community of about 25 other former Anglicans have joined him in forming the parish of St. Gregory the Great of the US Anglican Ordinariate in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts.

How Being a Baptist Prepared Me to be a Good Catholic
by Paul McCusker. Frankly, I doubt I would be much of a Catholic now without the benefit of all I’d been taught by Protestants as I travelled this way. I know that had I followed my father’s lead as a Catholic I wouldn’t be Catholic at all. (For him, it was a cultural identity, something handed down to him like an old coat he didn’t really want – if even that.) Any spark of faith in my life was fanned by my very-Protestant mother, faithful relatives and, in my formative years, the good people at Grace Baptist Church in my hometown.

I Did It Afraid! – Conversion Story of Cheryl Ann Masaitis-Spychaj
Cheryl Ann, who dreamed of being a missionary and mother of many children, has felt the hand of God throughout her whole life. Facing the crisis of scandal in the Catholic Church, she left to become an Evangelical Christian. An unexpected turn of events awakened a longing desire for Jesus in the Eucharist, which brought her home to the Church of her youth.

From Calvin to Catholicism – Conversion Story of Brian Besong
Intellectually, I had a strong “faith” in the tenets of Protestantism, particularly as they were expressed in the Calvinist tradition. Yet Calvinism excused my sin as something God Himself did not see, since, so I believed, the righteousness of Christ had been imputed to me because of my genuine faith, covering over my sins so that He was blind to them, at least insofar as my salvation was concerned.

My Journey from the Episcopal Church to the Catholic Church – Conversion Story of Rebecca Hoekstra
After falling in love with the liturgy, Rebecca Hoekstra was disenchanted by the lack of unity in the Anglican church. Seeing the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, she had a desire to enter the Church Christ founded.

Five Giant Leaps into the Catholic Church – Conversion Story of Beverly J. Lebold
After forty years as an active Christian, Beverly Lebold began praying for a Catholic teenager she had met on a foreign prison ministry mission. Little did she know that by helping this Nicaraguan teammate, she would find the True Presence of Christ.

The Tiber: Neither Too Wide, Nor Too Deep – Conversion Story of James L. Papandrea, M.Div., Ph.D.
It was my study of the Church Fathers that ignited within me the dormant flame of Catholicism. As many others who have gone before me found, one cannot study the history of the early Church without realizing that many Protestant doctrines — sola Scriptura, for example — were an invention of the Protestant reformation and do not actually reflect the understanding of the Church Fathers, let alone the Apostles. I also realized that the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist is consistent with the way the sacrament has been understood from the beginning.

Life – Conversion Story of Chris LaRose
I continued to pray, to lead Bible studies, prayer groups, and Life in the Spirit seminars, became a Stephen Ministries leader, prepared for ordination, and became a Methodist pastor — all in just three years! While I was living in the church parsonage, I was watching TV one day and I happened upon a Catholic nun (Mother Angelica) who was teaching from the Bible on her own network, EWTN! This station was all our family watched from that day on. We began praying the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Liturgy of the Hours — as Protestants!

Into the Fold – Conversion Story of Caroline Burt
Caroline Burt was born in England into an atheist family and, later in life, delved deep into the New Age Movement. One day, she was unexpectedly drawn into a Catholic church as she was passing by and her life has never been the same.

Led by the Good Shepherd to the Catholic Church – Conversion Story of Ed Hopkins
I was raised in a small-town, Southern Baptist church in Virginia where I, along with my sister, my two brothers, and our parents, attended Sunday School and church nearly every Sunday that I can remember. In my early teen years, I responded to a preacher’s invitation to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized. The experience of the waters of baptism seemed to be one of re-birth. I felt as though my sins were washed away and there was a new beginning and opportunity for me ahead. However, I did not experience much growth in grace during my later high school years and I went away to college in 1970 very disappointed with my hometown and the Christians that I knew.

God Writes Best with Crooked Lines – Conversion Story of Ercy Joy Ghiringhelli
Growing up a cradle Catholic in Argentina, Ercy Joy Ghiringhelli had a powerful experience with Jesus in the Eucharist. However, over the course of life, she became attracted by revival in Protestant churches. She eventually became an ordained Nazarene pastor and worked with the sick and suffering, until flipping channels one day, she came across an episode of The Journey Home.

What a Coincidence — Conversion Story of Ron Moffat
Ron Moffat, a former Scots Calvinist recalls his journey into the Catholic Church. “Peter said simply, ‘Lord to whom shall we go?’ I knew in my heart, there was nowhere else I could go if I wanted a faith that wasn’t subject to change depending on the latest intellectual fads. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, but if I wasn’t, I knew there was no better alternative.

A Catholic Seed Sewn – Conversion story of Vicki Hassessian
My story begins in a naval hospital in Pittsburgh, California, where I was born to an 18-year-old girl and her 19-year-old husband. My parents were believers and we attended the Nazarene church close to our house.. I do remember that my mother used to turn on the TV to do her daily workouts with Jack LaLanne, and just before he came on, there was a show with a man wearing a cap, a large cross on a chain, and he wore a cape that he threw around as he talked. His eyes burned into the camera! Later I would learn that his name was Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

The Corpus & the Cross: My Conversion to the Catholic Faith – by Jackford Kolk
Over the next few years of talking to [my friend] about what he was studying, I slowly began to understand the TULIP doctrines and I realized that I didn’t actually agree with any of them. As a good Protestant, I knew that I could question every tenet of the faith that I had been brought up in and still be a good Christian, so as I gradually began to doubt Calvinism, I never questioned my relationship with God, nor His love for me.

Young Evangelicals Converting to Catholicism.
I found this interesting article highlighting the increasing number of young evangelical Christians who are discovering the roots of their faith and converting to Catholicism. The author interviews students from King’s College, a traditional evangelical college in NYC. Once again, the discovery of Church history (before 1517) plays an important part in the conversion process.

Why Are Evangelicals Turning Catholic?

Coming Back Home – Conversion Story of Paul Ackermann
I was bored with the Catholic Church! All I did was daydream through Mass and my catechism classes. When I was 10, my parents stopped going to Mass, but my father would still drop off my sister and I at the church.

Coming Home – Conversion Story of Samuel Hopper
As I began to describe my works-laden justification, Mr. Pharis told me bluntly, “You’re not getting into heaven.” … He got my attention. I was not saved!

My Pearl of Great Price – Conversion Story of Sissi L. Baker
My father was the pastor of a few different churches throughout Ohio and West Virginia during this time. He began as a Pentecostal minister, and would later go on to pastor a Baptist church. My father never attended a seminary, although he received his preaching credentials under the teaching of another Evangelist via postal-mail. I remember as a young girl, my father worked hard at his biblical studies. He continued to work full-time as a carpenter to provide a decent living for his family, but on many evenings, he would slave over a stack of books for long hours.

A Change of Faith – Conversion Story of Joan Thomas
I grew up in Trinidad, in the West Indies, of British parentage. My parents were delightful people, loved by me and by everyone else who knew them. They were baptized Christians and lived as Christians should: helping others when necessary and sharing with those who needed it; but like many non-Catholics in those days, attending church regularly was not considered necessary. My two sisters and myself were baptized Anglicans, confirmed when we reached the proper age and as younger children were sent to Sunday school. Our parents attended church services on Easter Sunday, Christmas morning, and perhaps twice otherwise during the year. As we grew older, we stopped attending Sunday school, and only went to church when our parents did. We were believers but religion did not play an important role in our lives.

Tears from My Father – Conversion Story of Randall Gorman
I was raised in a family that was steeped in the Assemblies of God (AG) tradition. My grandfather, Marvin Gorman, was the pastor of the largest AG church in the state of Louisiana with around four to six thousand people in attendance every Sunday. As an adult, I was a third generation minister in an Assemblies of God (AG) turned non-denominational church in Ruston, Louisiana.

Give – Conversion Story of John Nahrgang
Even as a sophomore I knew that I wanted to attend Notre Dame. Its Catholic identity wasn’t really a factor at all; its academic reputation, quality of student life (as reported by Princeton Review), and the memories of my first visit there drove my decision. I didn’t know what to make of Catholicism at all. One of the essays on the Notre Dame application dealt with a “spiritual topic” of our choosing. I chose to write about my impressions of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

My Conversion to the Catholic Church by Justin Motes
Hello, my name is Justin. I am from the state of Georgia and I am 14 years old. I am writing this story to share my conversion to the Catholic Church, which came about at such a young age. My conversion was a very intense experience

The “Full Gospel” – Conversion Story of Ernest R. Freeman
The Drill Sergeant walked into the barracks and yelled, “Who wants to go to church? Be out front in 10 minutes!” Being an eighteen-year-old raw recruit in desperate need of a break from military training, I decided to go. I assumed it would be a Protestant gathering; to […]

My Conversion Story – Conversion Story of Anita G. Gorman, Ph.D.
My Conversion Story by Anita G. Gorman, Ph.D. My parents were born in Sweden and immigrated to the United States as young adults. Nominal Lutherans, baptized and confirmed in the Church of Sweden, they were not strong churchgoers. Our next-door neighbors, on the other hand, were fervent Baptists who attended a Swedish Baptist […]

http://chnetwork.org/category/conversion-stories and http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=journey%20home%20ewtn&sm=1


From Wendell Talibong FB page Conversion stories:

Sila si Kapatid na Florita Colanag, ang asawang si Kapatid na Larry Colanag at mga anak nito na kapwang handug sa INC. Nakatira sa Maigo, Lanao del Norte. Sumasampalataya sila sa totoong Iglesia Ni Cristo ang Iglesia Katolika dahil sa palaging pakikinig sa CFD Radio Program ng DXDD AM, Ozamiz City. Sila ay kapwang may tungkulin sa Iglesia ni Manalo at kinasal sa INC ngunit matapos sila nabinyagan sa Catholic Church silay muling ikinasal sa Santa Iglesia. Ang kanilang mga anak na kapwa mga handug sa INC ay nabinyagan na rin sa Iglesia Katolika. PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA

Si Kapatid na Akmad ay isang kasapi sa ISLAM, siyay isang Muslim ngunit matapos dinodoktrinahan ni Bro Robert Castro, si Kapatid na Akmad ay nabinyagan sa CATHEDRAL ng Ozamiz sa pamamagitan ni Fr. Lane Sereno. Ang kanyang pangalan at aplido ay nanatiling Muslim ngunit siyay ganap na ngayong Kristiyano matapos siyang sumasampalataya sa katutuhanan. PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA!!!!

Si Kapatid na Cerilo Castro at ang buong pamilya niya ay mga kasapi sa SDA, siyay palaging magtatanong sa isinagawang FAITH EXPLAINED sa public market saksi din siya sa ilang debate ng CFD vs SDA at matapos siyang sumailalim sa doktrina ng Santa Iglesia ang boong pamilya niya ay ganap nang naging Katoliko.

Sila si Kapatid na Evelyn Espinosa, Jobelley Kent Jhon Espinosa Jonard Espinosa at sunshine Espinosa ay mga kasapi sa Iglesia Ni Manalo sa Division Chapel ng Ozamiz City. Matapos sila sumasampalataya sa iglesia Katolika at nabinyagan sa Cathedral ng Ozamiz, sila ngayon ay ganap nang mga Katoliko. Itatakda namang dodoktrinahan si Kapatid na Emmylou Semborio na isa ring kasapi sa INC. Pro Deo et Ecclesia!!!!

Si Kapatid na Jandoe Alabado ang isang lay evangelist ng Seventh Day Adventist Church, siyay palaging makipagdebate sa CFD sa tuwing sumasai siya sa palatontonan ng Catholic Faith Defenders sa Radio Station Dxdd. Ngunit matapos siyang dinodoktrinahan ni Kapatid na Tata Thata Rosal, si Kapatid na Jandoe Alabado isa nang ganap na Katoliko at kasapi sa CFD Cathedral Chapter. PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA

Ang pamilya ni Reynante Basbayor, sila ay dating kasapi sa ADAMIK isang kulto na itinatag ni Kumander Lahi, ngunit dahil sa pakikinig sa CFD Radio program at matapos sila isinailam sa pagdodoktrina sa Santa Iglesia Katolika, ngayon lang umaga NOV.17, 13, 11 am, sila biniyagan ni Fr. Jovane Canete sa cathedral ng Ozamiz!!! PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA!!!!

SI kapatid na Caedie Cabatuan Camoc, isang dating kaanib ng Philippine Independence Church, matapos sa ilang buwan na pagdodoktrina sa pananampalatayang Katoliko, siya ngayon ay ganap nang Katoliko. Purihin ang panginoon!!!

SI Kapatid na Salomon Espenoza nakatira sa Brgy. Maningcol, Ozamiz City siya ay isang dating kaanib ng Iglesia ni Manalo sa Division Chapel ng Ozamiz, matapos na siyay isinailalim ko sa pagdodoktrina ng Santa Iglesia Katolika, siya ngayoy ganap nang Katoliko. Pro Deo et Ecclesia!!!

Ang Bible na ito ay pinag-aari ni Former SDA Evangelist Alfie Java, ngayon ay ibinigay niya sa akin, nagkaharap kami sa iyang magioong debate na ang pakya ay “Resolved that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of God.” Ilang linggo pagkatapo nga debate bumisita siya sa akin sa DXDD Office at magpatulong dahil gusto niyang mangungumpisal sa iyang pari. Dinala ko siya kay Fr. Sandy Mira Cometa at nangungumpisal siya. Ngunyo siyay nagbalik lood dahil isa siyang Katoliko na naging SDA Evangelist.

Si Kapatid na Genelisa A. Piedad, ay grand daughter ng Obispo ng Philippine Independence Church (PIC) ngunit dahil sa weekly Bible Study sa Misamis University naging Katoliko siya at isa ako sa ninong niya, at naging ikalawang CFD President sa CFD Misamis University Chapter. PURIHIN ANG PANGINOON!!! — with Genelisa A. Piedad.

WELCOME HOME! Ang mag-asawang sila si Kapatid na Bernie John P. Branzuela at ang Mrs. niya na si Myfe P. Branzuela, mga myembro ng Iglesia ni Manalo sa Local ng Brgy. Bongbong, Ozamiz City. Dahil sa pagiging pakikinig sa Catholic Radio Station Dxdd Radio Veritas. PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA

WELCOME HOME! Si Sis. Mhor’z Clarabal Cabactulan, dating Alliance na naging first CFD President of CFD Misamis University (MU), Ozamiz City dahil sa weekly Bible Study sa naturang University.Pro Deo et Ecclesia!!!!

WELCOME HOME: Si kapatid na Airen S. Saganay, dating kasapi sa Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Cristo na ngayon ay naging Katoliko na dahil sa pakikinig ng CFD Radio Program sa Station DXDD AM RADIO VERITAS, OZAMIZ at pag attend sa weekly FAITH EXPLAINED sa Cathedral ng Ozamiz City. Pro Deo et Ecclesia!!!

Si Kapatid na Bernie John P. Branzuela at ang Mrs. niya na si Myfe P. Branzuela, mga myembro ng Iglesia ni Manalo sa Local ng Brgy. Bongbong, Ozamiz City. Dahil sa pagiging pakikinig sa Catholic Radio Station Dxdd Radio Veritas, sa Religious Apologetic Programs nito. Sila na mag-asawa ay naging Katoliko na ngayon. Si Kapatid na Bernie ay isa nang myebro nga CFD na naging kasali sa aming religious apologetic programs ngayon.

BRO. ROVEL FONTE: FORMER BORN AGAIN PASTOR CONVERTS TO CATHOLICISM By Lay Person Scripturist http://www.splendorofthechurch.com.ph/2014/03/07/bro-rovel-fonte-former-born-again-pastor-converts-to-catholicism-by-lay-person-scripturist/

There are a lot more conversion stories in the Philippines that are not posted yet.

To Be Deep In History, Is To Cease To Be A Protes

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  1. I am so glad for their conversion/reversion back to the True Church/Religion which is the Catholic Church founded by Christ not by Man.

    Mario Graciano Bioneda

    August 25, 2017 at 7:19 am



    August 25, 2017 at 7:49 am

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