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Manny Pacqiuao Abandoned His Religion, Rosary, and Sign of the Cross Lost the Fight Big Time against Juan Maquez December 8, 2012

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The rise and fall of Manny Pacman Pacqiuao – His rosary and sign of the cross helped and gave Manny Pacqiuao 8 divisions and 10 world titles, but then when he got rid of his rosary and sign of the cross he fell flat on the ring for 2 minutes and unconscious.

Manny Pacqiuao is so used to wearing his rosary and doing the sign of the cross in all of his previous fights. His rosary and sign of the cross were his tools that gave him extra focus and confidence on each fight. Whenever he gets in trouble during a boxing match he was able to recover quickly and knocks out his opponent. Taking away his Rosary and sign of the cross were big factors on his defeat, a part of him was missing, he was not able to focus like he used to do. haz

Note: Manny Pacquiao ditches Pre-Fight Catholic mass for Christian service
Beof, a Catholic priest from Oxnard, California, has been celebrating the 15 most recent of Pacquiao’s pre-fight masses – and this time, the front rows reserved for the the boxer and his family were empty, according to London. Read full report http://www.rappler.com/sports/192-all-sports/boxing/17590-pacquiao-ditches-catholic-mass-for-christian-service

During his Glory Days with his Rosary


Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Timothy Bradley and  Pacquiao didn’t wear his rosary that night also

Mendoza also addressed questions on whether Pacquiao’s renewed religious zeal may have affected the outcome of his fight.

In the interview, the sportswriter noted the Pacman was not wearing his rosary in the ring, the first time he had ever done so in 7 years.“Ang nangyari talaga kahapon – masakit e. Very delicate pag-usapan ang religion. Maraming nakapansin – he went up without his rosary. Ano ibig sabihin nun? It was the first time that he did it in 7 years. Laging may rosaryo yan sa leeg niya pag-akyat sa lona. Pagkatapos niyang lumuhod dun, tatanggalin niya…pero kahapon hindi niya suot,” he said.

Mendoza said Pacquiao’s refusal to wear a rosary might be part of his new beliefs as a Bible preacher. He said he will leave it to Pacquiao and his friends to explain why the former welterweight champ had discontinued the ritual.

read http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/-depth/06/11/12/did-missing-ariza-rosary-make-pacquiao-lo


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December 9, 2012 at 12:14 am

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