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To Be Deep In History, Is To Cease To Be A Protestant #2

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To Be Deep In History, Is To Cease To Be A Protestant

When looking at the history of Protestantism, I would have to accept that God abandoned the world to heresy shortly after the apostles died and did not restore a way of salvation until 1500 years later. There is no historic connection between Christ and Protestants. Jesus lived 1500 years before the Protestant Reformation.

I would suggest all should read historical Christian works by Justin Martyr, the Didache, St. Agustine, St.,  etc. They all espouse back as far as 70-100 AD the teachings of the Catholic Church. Where is Sola Scriptura before the Reformation? I say this not to criticize but to challenge all Christians to look at what they believe and why.

If anyone would take the TIME TO RESEARCH the hundreds of years of writings of the Church Fathers, and their successors, they would see a rich treasure of the history of the Catholic Church from the very beginning of its founding, and continuing on through today. So many FALSE charges made against the Catholic Church fall away like the pruned dead branches from the vine.

Any subject you can think of is covered in these writings. As just one example, detractors say the Church which Jesus Christ founded, apostatized around the time of Constantine and is not the Catholic Church of today. This is saying that the ‘Gates of Hell’ did prevail against Christ’s Church. Read Matt 16:18.

These same detractors CANNOT PRODUCE ONE SHRED OF DOCUMENTATION to back up what they charge.

However, by reading the Church Fathers, you will find just the opposite. The writings make no mention of this ‘great apostasy’, but instead they show the Church, which Jesus Christ founded, growing and expanding just as He said it would. Read Acts 1:8. You will see that the ‘Gates of Hell’ did not prevail. Sadly, Protestants are told not to read the Church Fathers. From what Cardinal Newman said, you can readily see why they are taught this. What a waste to disregard such a goldmine of truth.

01. The Church is the guardian and the dispenser of truth, because the Bible said so.
02. Truth is one. There can be only one truth.
03. The Church is the final authority on earth, because Jesus Christ said so.
04. Jesus Christ gave authority to His Apostles.
05. The Apostles in return passed on this authority to their successors through ‘Apostolic Succession’.  The Catholic church has the Apostolic Succession
that can be traced more than 2,000 years ago started by Peter as the first Pope click here to see the list of the Popes.
06. The Church is the mother of the Bible, and not the daughter.
07. The Bible is a product of the Church, therefore it is a Catholic book.
08. Catholic Bishops in Catholic Councils decided which books were to be included in the Bible.
09. The Papacy is well represented by Holy Scripture
10. Sola Scriptura is a man made doctrine and is therefore condemned by Holy Scripture.
11. False charges against the Mother of GOD, fall away like dead leaves when the truth is manifest.
12. Writings of Church Fathers are a wealth of information about the Catholic Church.

“To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” That statement was made by Cardinal John Newman, a convert to Catholicism from the Anglican Church.



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March 5, 2014 at 6:08 pm

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