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The Protestant “Once Saved Always Saved” ERROR

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The Protestant “Once Saved Always Saved” ERROR

1. Are you saved? This is what some Protestants will ask you. Anyone who thinks they are automatically “saved” simply by declaring that Jesus Christ is their personal Lord and Savior is grossly mistranslating Holy Scripture, and is committing a sin of presumption.
2. It is GOD alone who knows who is “saved” and who is not. No human creature can declare themselves as being “saved”.
3. That false doctrine is a fabrication of Protestantism and cannot be found written anywhere before the Protestant revolt.
4. Salvation is an on-going process throughout our entire lives as Holy Scripture clearly has told us. Read 1Corinthians chapter 13, as it tells us that we must have faith, hope, and charity.
5. If we are automatically “saved”, then what is the purpose of hope?
Sola Fides, or “saved by faith only” is taught by many Protestants. However, that false man-made Protestant doctrine cannot be found anywhere in the Bible.
6.  In fact, the only place in the entire Bible where the words “faith” and “only” are found together is in James 2:24, where it says,”You see that by works a man is justified, and NOT by faith only.”
7. That verse was a thorn in Martin Luther’s side. He called the book of James a “straw epistle”, which meant it was worthy of burning, and he wanted to remove it from Scripture. It must have been an embarrassment to him since he had added the word “alone” to Romans 3:28, in his German translation of the Bible, in order to have it support his false “justified by faith alone” doctrine. James 2:24 is still ignored or rejected altogether by many Protestants.
8.  man was not just arrogant but evil in his desire to conform the Bible to his personal, and heretical, opinions.
9. In addition Martin Luther add to the Bible words that do not exist in the Greek extant manuscripts. When Martin Luther was confronted about why he was messing with the Bible, he replied, “Because my will is good enough.” This was one arrogant person.


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